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Judges declare Foxy Brown has innocence. After deliberation, the judges stated clearly that there was no flailing of the nails in the Chelsea, New York nail shop. Enough is enough says
--Afaa Michael Weaver
After plopping down twenty-five dollars for Juan Williams' new book entitled Enough, I quickly discovered that it is a book by a journalist. It lacks the hard information of something done by a specialist, but it does what a journalist does in generalist writing, which is to stir the emotions around key images and current issues--words being slung across the wires. Wired we are, these days, for sure. For my money the book The Covenant by Tavis Smiley and Cornel West is much more useful and practical, full as it is with definite plans, complete with examples for each plan. Theirs are plans for action. Again I come back to the middle class vs. working class, and I have a little to say on that by way of my own experience. However, I make …