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The Bethlehem Steel Plant in Sparrows Point Maryland

My Lucky Book of Dreams                                                                            -by Afaa Michael Weaver 蔚雅風                                                                   a poetic rooted in the ordinary and driven by a faith in transcendence
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         Eighteen year old boys are called men for matters of convenience, such as to justify their acceptance as soldiers by the military. We are, after all, about as strong as we will ever be, naturally strong. It's as if we are in full blossom, one that lasts until our mid-twenties. It's a time when we feel invincible but also full of fears at times. We are, in many cases, afraid we will not be perceived as men, and most of what we know about what that means involves some kind of courage. Well, it was that way for me, at least. I also thought I could plan my life and life would comply. After all, I was exerting my well-…